13 May 2009

$1200 Model

This is what $1200 will get you when shopping at the DAAP Rapid Prototyping Center.
This represents the majority of what I have been doing the last 3 months. And now the fun part, putting all together and finishing it.

07 May 2009

jonnywicks.com is up and running

I got it built. It wasnt easy, but aside from a few small adjustments here and there, its done. I'm no web designer, but it was pretty fun. Check it out: www.jonnywicks.com tell me what you think.

14 April 2009


I put down the cash to buy a web domain... just a placeholder now (a link to the other site) but I will have it up to date before too long.

11 April 2009

New Web Site

I came across a site with a great name, wix.com, and spent about an hour building this website, check it out here:
Its a work in progress, check often to see it evolve... when I get the time.

27 January 2009

Studio Thesis Project 01

Where I ended last quarter with my on-going project.

15 December 2008

DesCom Final

F1 Render for Final in DesCom.

03 December 2008

DesCom Assignment 08

Interior explorations. Yes the rear seat is that close to the front, live with it Brad.