15 December 2008

DesCom Final

F1 Render for Final in DesCom.

03 December 2008

DesCom Assignment 08

Interior explorations. Yes the rear seat is that close to the front, live with it Brad.

23 November 2008

DesCom Assignment 07

A bit more SciFi this time around. Sketched in Photoshop once again. I'd like to put some more time into this one yet.

13 November 2008

DesCom Assignment 06

Alternative fuel vehicles.

04 November 2008

DesCom Assignment 05

Done traditionally with prisma pencils and markers. Background added in Photoshop.

Photoshop Greyscale Render.

Salt Flats Racer rendered in photoshop.

21 October 2008

DesCom Assignment 03

Renderings done in photoshop.
Assignment was to render air powered/sail vehicles using only greyscale on mid tone color background.

DesCom Assignment 02

Photoshop renders for class.
Assignment was to render muscle cars using reference images.

07 October 2008

DesCom Assignment 01

First assignment for this quarters descom class. 3 SUV's done in black prismacolor pencil and marker.